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Whole House

Whole House

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The House Unit is the best way to provide an entire house with structured water. It serves an area of 35, 000 square feet. Thus, most houses are covered just fine with this unit. The House Unit is the One Structuring Unit for every home in America.

Can you imagine your neighbor complimenting your drinking water and then asking to come over to your house for a bath because the water is so good? Customers have already experienced this phenomenon.

For those desiring maximum water energy or for those with a very toxically burdened water source, just add additional house units placed inline. (See 3 House Units Inline Installation video). Another option is to enhance structuring at the taps, showers, and garden faucets with auxiliary units for maximum water energy and purification.

As you order, please be sure to select the appropriate pipe size and fitting from the dropdown options available below.

The Dynamically Enhanced House Unit is the same wonderful, house structuring device as above but adds increased energetics to the water from special proprietary materials. Our customers have already noticed this and are extremely happy with its enhanced effects throughout their homes.

As Clayton Nolte repeats, “It’s all about energy!” Maximizing energy and creating the greatest coherency in water is of utmost value for life and quality of life.

As you consider and plan your purchases, think generously and optimistically about increasing your structuring units advantageously for your benefit. Make it a goal to add a unit as your budget allows. (See the 3 House Units Inline Installation video on this website.) You will be glad you did!

  • Super hydration (reduces the need to consume as much water)
  • Water that has neutralized all adverse toxicants and is ready to enhance life
  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water
  • Reduces hard mineral build-up
  • Increased oxygen in the water
  • Increased absorption of nutrients
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Water that is alive and full of energy
  • All memory held in water is wiped clean
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Healthier, happier pets with less stress
  • Up to 30% reduction of water needed due to super hydration
  • Less infections and disease in house and garden plants
  • Healthier plants with 20-40% increased biomass (bigger plants)
  • Up to a 30% reduction of water needed for yard and garden
  • Hardy plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions.


Length: Varies depending on connector type. Ranges from 16″ to 22″

Weight: Varies depending on connector type. Approx. 2.6 lbs

For Pipe Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.


House copper, PEX, CPVC installation instructions

House PVC pipe installation instructions

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House NPT adaptable with unions installation instructions