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  • Penis enlargement (length and thickness).
  • Easier, harder and longer-lasting erection.
  • Consistently stronger sex drive.
  • Much more intense orgasms.
  • Eliminate urinary difficulties.
  • Always ready 24/7.


Sometimes a weeklong preparation for your well thought about night, could just go the wrong way, all because of the size of your penis. There is probably no feeling on earth, worse than being turned down because of the size of your little guy.

Erexium makes sex much more intense and enjoyable while enhancing the size of the little guy to please your partner and letting you have a memorable experience.

In both ancient and modern culture, there is a belief that a man’s ability to satisfy his partner is part of what defines him. Due to some natural or induced weaknesses, certain men find it difficult to perform their best. Now they have a chance to give; while enjoying themselves in passionate pleasure. This in another hand helps boost their confidence.

After three weeks of the use of Erexium, then comes penile enlargement, improved erection, a better feeling of arousal, more drive, greater sexual vigor, strong sensuality, increased ejaculatory power, the ability to last longer in bed and a new found confidence that increases your sex appeal. 





Bigger and harder erection in a man is gotten from an increased blood flow in him. Erexium is made to intensify the testosterone production of a man. This is what leads to the increase in blood flow.

Added to this, Erexium allows you absolute control over your body as a man, and stimulates an aura of confidence around you.

Did you know that in the US alone, over 30,000 cases of prostate related challenges are recorded annually? It is a common occurrence for men in their 30s to have some degree of difficulty in urinating, as the flow reduces and the act of simply taking a leak could become much of a worry as it takes longer than it should, normally. Erexium, with its’rich nutritional content spells out vitality and a guaranteed protection against all prostrate related issues.  



  • Cayenne extract
  • Cistanche extract
  • Conidium extract
  • Cuscuta extract
  • Ginkgo extract
  • Ginseng extract
  • Horny goat weed extract
  • Licorice extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Saw palmetto extract
  • Schisandra extract
  • Tribulus terrestris extract



It is to be taken after meals, two capsules, every day for the first seven days. At the end of the first week, it should be three capsules daily. All three capsules can be taken at once.

It is highly advised that Erexium should be used under the guidance of a health professional. This is especially the case where there is a health condition or use of other medication.



Terry N. - I used to be afraid of expressing myself sexually. Basically, I just felt small. After some time, I became afraid to have sex completely. I found myself giving one excuse or the other. That was all before I started using Erexium. The change has been magnificent since then.’

 Nic L. – ‘I am a fan of good sex. I do believe it should be enjoyed to any length one can. Since I began using Erexium, my sex life has hit top of the roof.’

Garry F. –‘Erexium made me feel something I never knew existed. There is ‘just sex,' then there is this bang!’

Erexium has a recorded success rate of 95%!