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Available Sept 1st, 2018


Diabetes happens to be a  big worry for most persons; this has been pronounced by the increase in cases of type 1 and two diabetes in local medical facilities. Say Hello to Diabetlo, a known and highly effective remedy to these conditions. Diabetlo is sure to

Reduce the irritability of your body along with other symptoms that are telltale signs of hypoglycemia.

Combat malevolent toxins in ingested materials that can trigger its reaction.

Having Diabetlo on your shelf provides you with that needed protection and assurance from the pangs that fears of diabetes can bring.


It beefs up the bodies resistance to symptoms of hypoglycemia within days.

It helps in the managing and regulating of the body’s blood sugar level/

It tends the insulin levels of the body towards normalcy.

It saves you time and money that could have been spent in more complicated treatment methods.

Has no known side effect.

Why Diabetlo is a favourite?

Diabetlo, a renowned a remedy for diabetes and blood sugar related issues comes to mind easily when you seek a remedy that will not only bring you good relief but will provide credible results in record time. The uniqueness of Diabetlo lies in the two primary and special constituents that were used in its make up. Gymnema, a rare tonic that is famed to be the ‘destroyer of sugar’ and Momordica charantia, a sharp purgative and blood cleanser.

One very notable aspect where Gymnema functions greatly is in the case of Hypoglycemia, in essence, in cases where the subject suffers from low blood sugar. This condition occurs in both adults and children with evidential signs of irritability and unsteadiness, Gymnema works proactively and provides fast relief to the body. Gymnema is named to be a true tonic because of its effectiveness in remedying cases of high blood sugar, aka diabetes and low blood sugar,l aka hypoglycemia. While drugs aim t move the system to behave a certain way, tonics primarily attempt bringing balance, this Gymnema does gallantly to the body.

Blood glucose levels are effectively reduced with Momordica charantia, the second ingredient in Dia. Experts and researchers, due to the function provided by this ingredient have named it ‘plant insulin’. From their study, they observed that if one were to just simply continue eating the Momordica charantia, for extended periods of time, there would be significant reduction the body’s concentration of blood and urine sugar. This strong purgative and cleanser have been employed since primordial times as an effective and natural medicine for purifying systems. Momordica charantia after careful analysis and experimentation has been applied in the premium mix of Diabetlo to guarantee that blood purification is done, activation spleen and as well as a boosting of the activity of the liver, all of which are determining factors of the body’s sugar level.