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Available Sept 1st, 2018


Cellulite is believed to be formed by the by the inability of blood to flow freely as supposed. The congestion results in a reaction that is evident on the skin in the form of Cellulite which can be very dislikable and in many cases makes the person public shy. Cellulite can be very much unwanted particularly for those in the business of looking good.

Cellu-lite is a perfect formula that is both effective and efficient in preventing and treating this problem, and better still, within a short period. The formula contains natural herbal ingredients which are active in vasodilatation and waste extraction. It works in a manner of stimulating circulation and metabolism; hence the purging and elimination process of the body is supported and sped up to make sure that the skin is simply Cellulite free.

The formula is in a threefold pattern, for which its ingredients are specialised to give a final result that is much wanted.

 The ingredients contained include those that promote blood flow, to tackle the problem of restricted blood flow that makes Cellulite build up. The occurrence of this stop to the flow results to the death of cells in that particular area of the body. This, in turn, causes a form of reactive visibility on the skin as the dead cells are slowly expelled from the given spot. The only way to prevent this is to ensure that blood flow is enhanced, causing no such death in the first place.

There is the use of expulsion agents in uprooting Cellulite and waste in the body, which they expel by the extraction of the complete extraction of the dead fat cells. This is how the treatment of Cellulite works, as the body’s expulsion of Cellulite is sped up in a manner such like it draws out the waste. This work extraction and expulsion is done with the application of agents such as senna carsaca Sagrada and uva ursi.

The final work is done by tissue support agents which act to nourish and strengthen the skin. The target is to create a smooth and firm skin with no underlying spots, in order to make the skin toned and radiant. The underlying sub-dermal cells and tissues are made firmer. The result of this agent is simply a beautiful skin. This agent is an active in prevention as well as it reduces the chances of further presence of Cellulite.